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I am Florence Delaby, photographer, particularly specialized in architecture and urban planning.

I founded leblueduck, a creative content agency (photo, video, 360, etc.) for retail and interior design as well as for corporate photography projects. The agency was created in Hong Kong while I was living there, having lived ten years in Southeast Asia, and since then living again in France.

I started my career as a photo editor and art director for several agencies, Getty Images and Corbis, then Asia Images and Imagine China for Southeast Asia. After more than ten years in the direction of photographers, I decided to become one of them.

Today I manage the leblueduck agency which produces photo and video content on all continents; and go myself in photo order on projects of interior and exterior architecture, spatial planning and urban planning. When it's not the assignment that takes me to cover this or that part of the city wherever it brings me, it is my personal projects that take me there.

This website aims to show, in addition to my commissioned work, which can be seen on the agency's website, but also my personal photographic approach.

Customer references:

L'Oréal Group, LVMH, Kering Group, Pernod Ricard, Paris La Défense, Maurer & Wirtz, Carrefour, Givenchy, Chanel, Guerlain, Nivea, Getty Images, Corbis, Asia-Images, Imagine China, Intulife, beau architecture.

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